Our bowling standing sheets are posted online.  Each league has been assigned a log in password.  If you are on a league and do not know the password, please request it from your team captain.

If you are thinking about joining an adult league for the first time, there are many to choose from Men (Wed. night and Thurs. Night ) Women  ( Monday night, Tues. morning  )  If you would like to incorporate a date night we have Mixed leagues  (  Friday every-other Beer’s of the world and pizza league, and the other Friday wine and cheese league both starting at the end of Sept. beginning of Oct. ) We also have every-other Saturday’s available at 6:45pm.  If you are someone that has never bowled these are all fun leagues you will meet new people and enjoy the night out with new friends, If you gave the game up because of other obligation and are thinking about it again give us a call at 585-494-9900 and sign up.

Jr. Bowling available for ages 5-19 yrs. of age starts Saturday 9-16-17  we offer a 11:30 squad for both 11 yrs. and under, and  for those 12 and over.  $25.00 registration (1 time fee)  $8 per wk 2 games  and $11 per wk for 3 game . can’t start yet you can join through out the year. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE CHILDREN TO PARTICIPATE  AND CAN JOIN ANYTIME DURING THE YEAR